Nonviolent Communication (NVC) for Couples​

I believe authentic and compassionate communication is the foundation of a relationship that brings growth and enriches your life.

At times communication with your partner may feel like wrestling with a bear. At times like a dance. Applying NVC principles will help you to experience more dance and less wrestling in your daily life.

I would like to share with you principles of NVC aiming to help you navigate conflicts, deepen connection, and cultivate empathy within your relationship.

By providing specific tools NVC helps in shifting from blame and judgment to empathy and understanding, in creating safe and supportive space to express your needs, feelings, and desires.

The journey is based on three stages

  • Trying on ‘NVC glasses’ when looking at yourself, relationships and other people.
  • Identifying and connecting with the deepest longings and desires.
  • Practicing communication and agreement-building.
We will aim to move through stages in sequence, but in practice it will be a dance between these three – as every interaction opens up new depths inviting further work and new practice.


(video recorded by Agnes Merkel, dancing with Agni Chandra)

Here’s how NVC can benefit your relationship:

  1. Conflict transformation: I will guide you through practical techniques to transform conflicts into opportunities for deeper connection. By understanding and connecting to each other’s underlying needs you will experience magic of effortless appearance of ‘solutions’.

  2. Deepening heart to heart connection: Applying NVC principles, you’ll learn to attune to your partner’s emotions, cultivate empathy, and build a deeper emotional connection. 

  3. Empowering your speech: You will learn specific tools to transform communication between you and your partner. Moving beyond ‘victim-oppressor’ dynamics, you’ll learn empathic listening skills and ways to clearly express your needs and boundaries.

  4. Cultivating compassion: NVC emphasizes empathy as essential ingredient for healthy relationships. You will have opportunity to practice empathy towards your partner’s experiences and create a non-judgmental space where both partners feel heard.

  5. Personal and spiritual growth: By exploring your own needs, triggers, and patterns, you will develop a greater understanding of yourself and how your conditioning impacts your relationship.

I offer non-judgmental space to explore and express painful aspects related with being in a relationship and build new way of relating. If you desire to invest time and energy to grow as couple, contact me to schedule a session and embark on a journey. I offer first session free as a demo so that you can see if method and my person resonates with you as a couple. I have no expectation of continuation – I enjoy meeting new people and even one session can bring benefit to you and satisfaction of sharing to me.

1 session investment: 65e (75min duration)

Package A: 3 sessions. This is a basic option but it is sufficient for you to benefit learning how to identify needs and translate them into mutual agreements.

Package B: 10 sessions:  Foundation course covering NVC principles, practice and application to specific situations in your life as a couple. 

Package C: 20 sessions: Deep dive. This is for you if you want deep, structural change in your relationship. If you will accept the change, you will experience a shift in your language and in the way you think and speak.

The NVC concept has been in my space for some time. I felt the value but hadn’t made the step to dive into it. Then time has come that together with my partner we wished to try NVC to deepen our connection through NVC. Our journey with Pawel has been incredibly valuable - and fun. We committed to a mini-series of coaching sessions. I experienced Pawel as a deeply compassionate coach and teacher, naturally adjusting his approach to what was alive in each moment. Pawel’s passion for NVC can be felt and its contagious. Pawel breathes the philosophy of NVC and he experienced how NVC improved his own life. To me this authenticity is very inspirational and motivates me to walk this path. Thank you Pawel. Everyone interested in NVC and looking for a great trainer: I highly recommend to go with Pawel.